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best ptc sites

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best ptc sites


best ptc sites

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best ptc sites

13 Tips That Will Help You To Avoid Scam Ptc Sites

Thousands of people are joining paid to click websites every day, hoping to make an extra income online. The paid to click industry offers an easy way to Internet users worldwide to earn an extra income for them and their families.

Unfortunately, as in any sector in the offline and the online world, there are ”good” business owners and ”bad” business owners.

Good Business owners are always trying to help their clients, while on the other hand, bad business owners are always trying to find ways to scam their clients and earn even more money.

 The same scenario is happening with the ptc industry. Hundreds (literally) paid to click websites are ”sprouting” every day, with their administrators trying to lure ptc users (usually newbies) to join them, promising them riches and glory.

Some of these paid to click websites are scam ptc sites while other are good ptc sites.

In general 90% of new ptc websites are either run by scammers or cannot compete with other established paid to click websites, leaving their users with empty pockets and a big loss of their valuable time dealing with the scam ptc site.

In this article I will tell you 13 tips that will help you to spot, understand and avoid scam ptc sites. I suggest you read this 13 points well and always consult them before joining a ptc website.

So, let’s get started.

1. The ptc website pays users more than $0.01 per click.

scam ptc sites paying over $0.01

If a paid to click website claims that it will pay you more than $0.01 per ad click then simply don’t bother joining it. With mathematically accuracy, the ptc website is going to shut its doors in less than 6 months or it is going to stop paying its members.

To understand this, you need to understand how ptc websites work. For this reason I have prepared two examples. The first example is from a trusted ptc website and the second example is from a scam ptc site.

Trusted PTC Site.

  • The ptc website pays its members $0.001 per ad click. So, $0.001 X 10.000 clicks = $10.
  • The advertiser comes to the ptc website to get cheap traffic. He buys 10.000 click to his website for $15. Each click costs him $0.0015.
  • The paid to click website just made $5 as a profit.

Scam PTC Site.

  • The ptc website pays its members $0.20 per ad click. So, $0.20 X 10.000 clicks = $2.000.
  • The advertiser comes to the ptc website to get cheap traffic. He buys 10.000 click to his website for…
  • Do you really think that any internet marketer will pay $2000+ to buy traffic from a ptc website? No one will advertise to the scam ptc, hence no income for the scam ptc, hence no money to pay its members.

Trusted ptc websites usually pay their members:

  • $0.001 for 5 to 10 second ads.
  • $0.005 for 15 to 20 second ads.
  • $0.01 for 30 to 40 second ads.
  • $0.02 for 60 and over seconds ads.

2. The paid to click website does not have a forum.

ptc scam sites no forum

Forums are places where people from all over the world can meet and exchange thoughts about a particular subject that interests them.

All legit ptc websites have a forum. It is the place where their members meet and talk about the ptc website, exchange ideas, suggest new features to the admins and send their payment proofs (very important).

Every ptc admin who is serious about his ptc business has a forum to communicate and help its members.

Scam ptc websites usually don’t have forums because they want to avoid unhappy members from posting bad stuff about their paid to click website. Also,by not having a forum, you can not see if there are payment proofs.

So, BE Very Suspicious when a ptc website does not have a forum.

3. The ptc website looks ugly.

recognize scam ptc sites

This is the most easy to detect probably scam factor.

Usually an ugly-looking ptc website shows that its administrator is not serious enough about his business. He just went and bought the cheapest available ptc script, set up a ptc website to make some quick & easy money from the early adopters in the ptc industry.

Legit ptc websites on the other hand, have a nice looking interface and their administrators are constantly upgrading and evolving their websites graphics and they add new features for their members.

These administrators are people who invested a lot of money and time to set their business up and they are more serious on making their ptc website grow and become successful.

So, I personally avoid crappy, ugly-looking ptc websites and I suggest that you should too !

4. The Ptc website does not have a unique script.

scam ptc sites unique script

There are two ways you can start your own ptc website. Either by buying a paid to click script from websites like and or by creating a custom unique script.

Now the same rule applies as before (point 3).

Serious entrepreneurs (in our case, future ptc administrators) who are looking to build a stable and long-lasting profitable business, will not buy a script for their new ptc website that will look the same as 100 other ptc websites.

Serious ptc administrators have already checked their competition, identified the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors and they told their web-developers to build a unique script for them, with no other ptc website look the same as theirs.

On the other hand, not-so-proffessional-ptc-admins-wannabe, they just simply buy a script (a ready-made ptc website) add some graphics and start promoting.

If you are serious on dealing with ptc websites, then this is something worth taking into consideration.image

5. The Whois information are hidden

ptc scam site whois is not available

This is one of the most important things that you need to check before joining a ptc website. is an online service that allows you to search information about websites such as:

  • Admins contact details (email,phone number,fax number, physical address).
  • Admins name
  • Domain Registration Date
  • For How Long The Domain is Registered for.

and many other important details.

Ptc websites that are run by scammers, usually hide these information from the public.

Let’s see an example, by comparing the whois information of two websites, Clixsense – my favorite ptc site and – a scam ptc website.

You can do the whois search by your self. Just go to and enter the website’s domain name to the proper field and hit Green whois button.

  • Creation Date: 2006-12-29 T14:53:35.00Z
  • Registrar Registration Expiration Date:  2021-12-29 T14:53:00.00Z
  • Admin Name:  JAMES GRAGO 
  • Admin Organization: CLIXSENSE.COM
  • Admin Street:  210 BATES RETREAT 
  • Admin City:  HAMPSTEAD 
  • Admin State/Province: NC
  • Admin Postal Code:  28443 
  • Admin Country: US
  • Admin Phone:  +1.9103190966 
  • Admin Fax:  +1.9103190966 
  • Admin Email:  info@CLIXSENSE.COM

  • Creation Date: 2010-11-19 T14:18:00.00Z
  • Registrar Registration Expiration Date:  2015-11-19 T14:18:15.00Z
  • Admin Organization:  WHOISGUARD, INC. 
  • Admin Street:  P.O. BOX 0823-03411 
  • Admin City: PANAMA
  • Admin State/Province: PANAMA
  • Admin Postal Code:  00000 
  • Admin Country: PA
  • Admin Phone:  +507.8365503 
  • Admin Fax:  +51.17057182 
  • Admin Email:  email@WHOISGUARD.COM 

As you can see in my example, Clixsense has all its information wide open to the public, while twodollarclick has its vital information hidden. Also, check the registration expiration date for both websites.

Clixsense expires on 2021 and twodollarclick on 2015.

Do you get my point now?

6. Administrator had ptc websites that scammed people in the past.

Admins who scammed once, they will scam people twice using the same method. They will just create another ptc website with a different name and wait for ptc newbies to join their new scam ptc websites.

What you always need to do is learn who the admin is and do a background check for his name in forums and other ptc review sites like:

You can get the admins name from If the name is not available to the public, then my suggestion is not to bother joining at all !

7. The paid to click website offers Rented Referrals Option.

ptc scam sites scam bot.jpg

This is a very controversial topic between the ptc community.

After I got scammed from the renting referrals scheme (that almost all ptc websites today have), I searched the Internet and I have found some un-deniable proofs that those referrals you are renting, are not real humans.

They are computer bots, programmed to always make you lose money instead earn money.

What I mean?

Here’s quick example:

If you buy 100 referrals worth $20 for 30 days, at the end of those 30 days you expect to earn $21 or more. Instead you are always earning $19 or less.

Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed this..

I have written a post about this subject. It is called: PTC Users Beware: The Renting Referrals the renting referrals scam Exposed. I highly recommend that you read it. It will literally open your eyes.

I consider the administrators who earn money with renting referrals from their websites NON ETHICAL.

So, I cannot trust someone who is not ethical, who does not have values and neither should you !

8. The paid to click site has many upgrade levels.


Another NON ETHICAL method, scam ptc administrators use to take your money, is by offering multiple levels of upgrades.

Legit ptc websites offer only one level of upgrade to their members. Scam ptc websites offer multiple levels of upgrades usually called with different names of precious metals such as Gold,Platinum,Sapphire and other..

Legit ptc websites earn their money from advertisers, not from membership upgrades.

So, again, people who run ptc websites and ask for multiple account upgrades are usig non ehtical methods to earn money. These people are not to be trusted and they will not hesitate to stop paying their members or shut down your account for no reason.

9. The ptc website offers free membership for the first 1000 members.

This is a common practice scammers use to lure members to their ptc website.

They offer a free Membership to the first 10 000 members and when that number is met, they change their offer to free membership for the first 11 000 members.

Again, a non ethical method to run your business. Do not trust people who are not ethical and who do not have values. These people will not hesitate to scam you.

10. The ptc website has misspellings on its copy.

scam ptc sites misspellings

This is something that you should always look into, not only on ptc websites but in every money-making opportunity you are planning on joining.

If you see many misspellings on the websites copy, this means that the people behind the website are not serious enough.

Have you ever saw a well established website to have misspellings on its website copy..

I’m sure your answer is no..

It is my policy, when I see a ptc website with misspellings to leave from it at once..

I want to deal with serious people and not waste my time with amateurs..


11. Check Ptc Reviews on different forums.

Before joining a ptc website, I suggest you check for reviews on various websites and forums. is a good website to check for reviews because it has reviews and comments from every day people like you and me.

Another good ptc website to check for reviews is The guy who operates the blog writes honest reviews about various ptc programs.

Make sure to check for comments and reviews on various forums.

I suggest you visit and and ask for comments or reviews on the ptc website you are interested to join.

12. Ptc website does not have PayPal as a payment processor.

scam ptc sites paypal

Recently, PayPal, the online payments processor giant, announced that it will no longer accept paid to click websites who are suspicious on scamming their members to use its services.

PayPal is worldwide known as the most safe and trusted method to pay and be payed online and it will not allow scammers to hurt its brand name.

So if you do not see PayPal as a payment processor on a paid to click website, then be very cautious and skeptical on joining it or not.

13. Join ptc websites that have been up and running for a long time.

As I said before 90% of new ptc website will eventually fail and shut down their doors.

The reason is there is fierce competition among ptc websites.

A ptc website to last needs to have:

  • a steady amount of active clickers,
  • a steady amount of advertisers
  • a steady amount of new members.

Most ptc websites fail on just one of the these three points.

Big players like, Clixsense, neobux, Worldlinx and Scarletclix have established their presence among the ptc community and they get all three points mentioned above steadily increasing every month.

By joining these ptc websites, you can rest assure that they will never shut their doors and you can invest time and money to grow and become successful.

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How To Make A PTC Site

A lot of members who click in ptc sites daily sometimes think about making their own ptc sites , yet being unable to know what they need or how to run a site stops them from going on and trying to do it .

Part 1 : What do you need to start a site :

– Some people put a start up cost of a ptc site with 100 or 200$ which is a scary number for regular clickers who have 50 or 60$ max , but that 100 or 200 $ is too high number not all sites need huge amount of money at the start

– Before starting a site there must be some basic requirements , You should be able to read and understand English , Also able to communicate in it , In acceptable way , First important thing in a PTC site is the ability of the owner to communicate with members and advertisers , So without that the site wont last long unless you can rely on your local advertisers or you plan to launch a country based site not something global

– So for the start you will need to have :
1- Verified Paypal account ( either Premier or Business )
2- Verified Payza account ( either Personal or Business )
3- A backup payment processor Like :
* Perfect Money :
* OKPay :
* Solidtrustpay :
* Bitcoins but if you don’t have experience with them then don’t use it

> So you can support countries in which some other payment processors don’t support

+ It’s better to start with a business account on payment processor you use , This will save you any troubles in future and also will help you in getting business going , You should get the accounts verified once you have your site and domain ready with business description so you can get approved by the payment processor

– Now after having the payment processors you will need to find a domain name for your site some like to start with a .info domain name as it’s cheaper , some like the .com domain name as a future look so when their sites grow larger they don’t find a problem in getting the .com name
prices of the .info domains start from 99 cents , while .com names start from 6.99$ ( last time i checked )
there are some good domain registerers i know like :
* Namecheap :
you can find their latest discounts on this site :

* Godaddy :

– Those are the best two domains registeres i know , other sites wont be reliable and may cause you problems later

– Now after getting your domain , you will need a hosting for your coming site
DON’T go for regular hosting sites , because all ptc sites need lots of resources from hosting , so any regular host will suspend your account as soon as you get 300 or 400 members , so from the start find a high resources hosting which is good host for ptc sites , and here’s a list of some hosting sites that allow ptc sites :

1- Ryleejames :
* One of the first PTC sites hosting , active support , backups , ddos protection is available also

2- Snoork Hosting :
* Currently one of the best available hosting for PTC sites

3- Hostigation :
* It’s also good ptc hosting , and have their own datacenter , they are good and stable from what i hear

4- Polarwebservices :
* Also been hosting ptc sites for long time , so they are good

– Before you get hosting you need to know somethings you will need :

* At the start you will need at least 1-3 gb disk space and from 50 to 60 gb bandwidth , this would cost around 6 or 7$ in most previous hosting sites

* After your site gets larger you can upgrade to larger hosting package

* Once you get the hosting try to login to your server side control panel and get familiar with it because you will need to know this for later , This will save you troubles of hiring people to do simple things for you

Part 2 : How to Start ? Which Type of Sites Will You Make?

Now after you got the domain and hosting , you will move to second step , which will be what type of sites you want to start , in this there are two types of sites :

1- Aurora : which will be low earning site , clicks range vary from .001$ to .0001$ this type of sites mainly depends on the traffic you sell , you will be selling ads for around 25 to 50 cents per 1000 visits or as they call it CPM , most of site earnings will come from traffic sales payouts should usually be low and don’t exceed 1$ payout

2- Bux : which will be a high earning site , clicks range vary from .01$ to .005$
this type of sites depends mostly on memberships sales and rented referrals sales , payouts start from 2$ in most of these sites , usually instant , and payout increases with each payment , like 2$ first payout , 3$ second and so on

– now the question is which site to start , do you start with a bux site or aurora site ?
* this depends on lots of things , including :
1- how much money you have at the start , if less than 100$ then start an aurora site , if more than 250$ you can make a bux site
2- how much you know about php and designing , if you know a little , then don’t risk and start with aurora site , if you have good knowledge then you can go for a bux site
3- how much experience you have in ptc styles , if you just started or short time experience , then  go for an aurora site , if been doing it for long time and making good earnings from developing your own ways in getting referrals , promoting sites you in , then you can go for a bux

…… lots of other things , but it should be decided by you , you are able to know what you can do and always remember don’t try to go for something you can’t do because if you started your site and failed it will take you long time to get people’s trust again

Part 3 : which scripts are available to use for a PTC site ?

– Now after you got the domain and hosting , decided which site you will start , here’s some info about available ptc scripts that you can use to start your own site

a- If you will make aurora site :

– aurora scripts are many but in general most available scripts are based on the old version of aurora script named aurora 4.0.8 , the list of scripts i know are :

1- MRV Series : also known as maderight version scripts , it’s also based on same old script version , modified and enhanced with more features , part of these scripts problem is that some parts in the script are encrypted , which prevents you from modifying these parts , but this is good for security of the script from other hand
it has following versions so far :
* MRV 3 : few modifications and fixes , nothing fancy , but price is only 6$ so not bad
* MRV 4 : a bit advanced than the previous one , more modifications and new features price is 10$
* MRV 5 : which is latest version of the script , more modifications and updates in it it’s a lot similar to sdr 2 script , price is only 20$

> You can find more info and details about MRV scripts on the following site :

2- ESV Scripts : It is a lately released series of scripts also based on the original aurora 4.0.8 version , with modifications and few changes , mostly in the look but not in internal features , till now the available versions are :
* ESV 1 : similar to aurora 4.0.8 version with some addons added to it , price is 7$
* ESV 2 Standard : more addons installed in this version , some security enhancements too , price is 15$
* ESV 2 Deluxe : same like standard previous version , but with better designs in some pages , also 1 extra addon price is 20$
* ESV 3 : still in development stage , but it will include more features price is 40$

> You can find more info and details about ESV scripts on the following site :
+ what is noticed in esv script series is it’s not based on true development team like previous 2 versions , it’s based on modifications that go to original aurora script , plus adding some addons to it and selling it as a new version of the script , btw it’s just personal opinion

3- Aurora Script : this is a continue of the original aurora script but carried out by only one of the 2 who made the latest version is called AURORAGPT 4.1.2 – NEXUS 3 GENERATION
this is the same project that gives updated version sources for the ESV scripts
latest version price is 20$

> you can contact the script developer through his website :

4- PTCShop : new script , totally different from all previous versions , easy to modify and add addons to it , more like bux look and feel but with all aurora script usual features i still don’t have full details about it yet , will update topic with it once i get more info , price of latest version is 47$ , it’s one of scripts you can use to run either aurora or a bux site as it suits both

>You can find more details about it , prices and demo of the script on the main script website here :

– these are list of all aurora scripts i know till now , check it and decide what suits you better , but when you decide to purchase one , try getting it from a reseller not original site , as this will give you a direct contact with person who will install your script also will give you a better support
– all previous scripts are installed on your site except the last one ( aurora updated version ) which you get installation files so you will need some php knowledge
– prices of scripts are from what is listed on the original sites , it may vary from reseller to another
– that’s for aurora scripts , next part will be for buxes …….

b- If you will make a bux site :

– starting a bux site isn’t easy at all , first it needs you to be able to stand losing some amount of money at the start , so you just find a foot place for your site , other bux sites make it really hard for new sites with neobux and clixsense around and their new low price ads , it wont be easy .

– scripts available for bux styles are a lot , even some are free , but if you are going to make a bux don’t even think about free scripts , bux site has lots of incoming and going money and free scripts are easily hackable , so if you used a free script it’s like opening your wallet in middle of street and expecting it will be safe .

– here are some info about the most known bux scripts :
1- PTC Evolution : it’s one of the best bux scripts ( personal opinion ) , it has all needed feature in a script , security , good look , all bux features , modifiable , instant payments feature , lots of things any owner can use in a bux
the problem of it is the script has some encrypted parts , it’s good for security , but it prevents you from making your own additions in the script , any addon you need to add to site needs you to contact the script maker first and pay him a fee  so he installs the addon you made , so you will pay twice to add a single addon  ;D , but in general it’s really good script , and prices are good too

> details of the script and demo , also prices are through their main site :

2- GEN 4+ : also one of the most unique scripts , easy to modify and add good addons to it , good support team , secure script , but it’s a bit high in price , so not every new owner will be able to afford it , but if you can pay for it it’s a good deal

> details and demo with prices list are available on their main site here :

3- Zeus : also good , strong , secure script , lots of sites use it lately , has all needed features in a bux script , with continuous updates , only problem in this script is it needs you to be kinda good in php , as most of settings in admin panel are not easy to set without php knowledge

* 3- nTeN : new script from same makers of zeus script , it has most of features as zeus , plus some advanced features like theme editing , advanced payments system integration , till now this script still in beta testing and not released yet

> details and demo , with list of prices of both scripts are available on this site :

4- ClixScript : this is recently developed script , developed by a good coder , it’s still very new so i don’t recommend using it for now , as it’s still missing some features like PTSU , plus it’s preferred to wait till some others try any new script so you can be aware if any potential bugs before you get it , but for design and look and security it’s a really promising script and will get attention after some time

> details , demo and prices are found on the developers home page here :

+ i didn’t put prices as it can differ from a reseller to another , some can provide good discounts for the script you purchase
+ bux scripts are sold in 2 types licenses , either 1 year license or a lifetime license
+ bux scripts need you to give more attention to security as most bux sites do enable instant payments feature and this would be a great way to empty your paypal or alertpay if you got hacked  ;D

– next will be about buxhost sites and if is it a good or bad idea to start a bux host site

c- BuxHost Sites , is it good or bad to start one ? :

– I preferred to make a buxhost as different style of ptc sites scripts because of it’s features , i’ll post all info i know about buxhost so you can decide either to start one or no

– First of all buxhost doesn’t include any of previous things i mentioned from the topic start till now , it’s more like all in one package

– In buxhost , you create account here : , you choose the domain name you want and they register it for you , and they make your site
you will pay 25$ as a monthly subscription , this includes hosting and script instant updates which isn’t bad price

, So what is good and bad about buxhost site ?

A- The Good :
1- you will get a strong and always updated script with lots of features that aren’t yet available in most other scripts
2- you will get good support that will fix any problems you get in the script
3- you don’t need to be good at php as all your problems will be fixed for you
4- you will get good hosting
5- you will have lots of options to protect your site from frauds , like refund protect feature which will help you in avoiding lots of known scammers who do purchases from your site then after a while they do disputes to get their money after they get what they purchased
6- you will get a DDOS protection , which would cost you much on other hosting sites
7- big discounts when you purchase long term plans

B- The Bad :
1- you don’t actually own your site  ;D , because you don’t have access to your cpanel and you can’t move your domain , so if you decided to leave them , you will say goodbye to your site
2- some features aren’t available in monthly subscriptions and only available in the 1 year and above subscription
3- site gets downtimes during updates which you might not be informed about
4- you will need to pay extra money when you exceed your bandwidth and it’s not cheap amount to pay
5- hard to get members to trust your site , because of the bad reputation buxhost sites have due to lots amounts of scams done by these sites
6- all sites have same look and design which makes it hard to be unique site

– So is it good idea to make a buxhost site or no ?
* if this is your first PTC site , it’s really bad idea to start with a bux host , because these sites are so liable to turn into scam and if your first site scammed , members wont trust you again for a while
* if you are experienced owner and have some other good working site , then you can make it work , will be hard but it’s possible , go for a long term subscription first like 2 or 3 years , then manage the site right and you will be able to get it to work

– There are some other sites that provide services similar to buxhost , but most of these sites are unreliable and you don’t get what your purchased most of times , plus support is bad , if you are going for such styles of sites then use buxhost as they are trusted in providing services and support

part 4 : what’s next ?

– now after you got your domain , hosting and script , there are few things remaining so you get a full site these things are :

a- Template :

which is the site design , this is very important part , as the look of your site is very important in attracting members to your site , in this part i like to explain some details for those who don’t know the following info

* template is a Photoshop image it’s made by any designer after that a coder modifies this image to become a php file which you can install on your site , you have to know that not all designers can modify image to be a php or what is known as coding a template , so before you purchase and template ask the seller if it’s coded or not
also if you are purchasing a unique design template , make sure the seller gives you the original Photoshop file which is known as psd this is to prevent him from using this design again or selling it to others ( only if you are purchasing unique design )
usually unique design price ranges from 10 to 50$ (  :P yes can be high price but it worth it if the design is good ) and coding the photoshop file to php would cost from 10 to 15$ depending on the coder
or you can take short way and purchase already coded and ready to go templates , here are sites which sell good and cheap templates :

which is also reseller for most previous scripts i mentioned before , so can be good when you go for a bux script , or aurora script , good templates with good prices

– you can start with standard and not fancy template and after your site grows you can change it , templates aren’t a fixed thing and they are easy to change anytime , so calculate your budget first and find good and cheap template for your start which can be good idea

b- Forum :

– now your site will need a support forum , so members can get in touch with you , and you will be able to post updates about site , any contests or offers you currently have , also your members will be able to post if they had any problem , and post their payments proofs which will be good way to show you are honest and paying site

– there are many forum scripts you can use the two most famous ones ( in ptc sites ) are :

1- SMF ( Simple Machines Forum ) : which is the best i think , as it’s easily adjusted , has lots of mods that provides you lots of good features you will need in forum , plus it’s easily installed and doesn’t need much php info

> You can get it from this site :

2- phpBB : which is light and fast to install script , easy to configure , and can be used when you don’t want to take much space for the forum

> You can get it from here :

* there are many other scripts too , but those 2 are the most used for ptc sites

c- Support System :

– this will enable you to get members problems and work on it fast so you fix it
good way for direct contact between owners and members , some scripts have built in support system , some doesn’t , currently the support system i use in my sites is this :
which is good and stable , easy to figure and configure

part 5 : How To Start ?

– now you got your site ready , you got script , design , forum , what to do next ?
* many things still left to do , but the hard part is already done , now what you will do next will be :

a – Internal Site Stuff :

1) Setting Up Your Terms Of Service :
this is very important , this will guide how you deal with your members , how you will pay , what countries can cashout and which countries will need to upgrade , what users can do and what they can’t do , lots of things , also remember to make something saying your site isn’t a MLM site , so when paypal reviews your site they don’t limit your account
best way is to check terms for list of successful PTC sites , then get a mix from their terms to come up with your own terms of service .

2) Prices :
prices of ads you will sell , it’s measured by CPM which is price of 1000 ad
, at the start you will have hard time getting advertisers , because your site still small without much active members , so try to make your prices low , something like 2000 visits for 1$ or 3000 visits , just so you attract advertisers and when your site grows , you can provide higher value ads , remember you are trying to balance between advertisers needs and members needs

3) Payouts :
start with a low payout value , like 10 cents or 20 cents , this will get you good members activity at the start , also would enable you to sell ads for low price , because if you sell 5000 ads for 1$ for example and you made your payout 1$ members wont remain in your site and will leave fast

b- Earning Money From Your New Website :

– now you finished all , next part will be how to make money from your website from first day
– start by adding few sites that pay you to post banners of it on your site like :

1) adhitz : it’s advertising network , you join their site as a publisher ( site owner ) and create a banner code which you place on your site , you earn money for each click on that banner and you can cashout once your reach 25$

> this is their website :

2) bitvertiser : same style as adhitz , but earnings are a bit less

> this is their site :

* there are a lot more similar sites , i don’t know all of them , but i will post updates to what i find here

– now you placed banners in your site to make money from views , what else can you do ?
your members will log in to your site to view ads , so you usually need a captcha to ensure they wont use bots or autoclickers to click ads , you can make money from this buy using a captcha that is strong and that pays you each time a member logs in
you can use solvemedia captcha , which is strong against bots and pays you for each solved captcha
you can get it by signing up at their site here :

– these are ways that enable you to make money without paying anything

-the question now is what about the ads you will place in your site , how to get them ?
at the start of any ptc site , owners are forces to use their personal ads or what is called self sponsored ads you will start by calculating how much you want your members to earn in your site daily , let’s say you want them to make 0.02$
so you place 20 ads each worth .001$
these ads should be for sites you want referrals in , or sites with high ptp so you can make some money from these ads
after you get good amount of members try to sell ads for lower price and split your self sponsored ads value if you sold and ad for example , make it a .001$ ad and change value of 2 of your self sponsored ads to 0.0005 , this will make you have more ads and yet still same amount of earnings , and so on

Now site is ready , You have the site , forum , support system , ads ready but you shouldn’t launch site now , take 1 or 2 days , check site script , any one can miss some little details , check if things are crediting right , cron jobs of the scripts ( which makes your ads refresh each day ) will post those in the development and support section here in forum
then once you are sure that everything is ok and your are able to understand most of things you deal with in the script , also your forum and support system then you can launch your site

– That’s all you have made your PTC site  ;D


How to get direct referrals with ptc sites

Though PTC sites are probably the easiest ones, in the make money online business, they are not very popular because members using them don’t know how to bring referrals to their sites. Without having referrals, PTC earnings are a few dollars per month and that’s why usually it doesn’t take more than 3-4 days to give up this kind of make money online business. In fact most of your income will come from your referrals and getting them is one of the biggest challenge as it requires a lot of work. But then there is a payback when your down-line starts building up. Moreover, getting referrals requires almost the same effort as trying to find clients in affiliate marketing. But if dedication and willingness is your key to success, here are all the best ways to get referrals for your ptc sites.

*Join Referrals Exchange sites
They are free and easy to use requiring no skills. Just join and start earning credits. With these credits you can either advertise your website/blog/referral link, offer them to other members in exchange to join your ptc site, or spend them to buy referrals. These sites are exclusively based on referral trade, so that means that someone will sing-up as your referral if you sign-up as his too. This method works pretty well because any referral you get will be active as he/she wants you to be active. The only drawback is that you have to set a limit to the number of sites you join in order to be active in all of them, so you must choose carefully.

*Join Downline Builder sites
They work based on a credit system. Credits are earned through clicking or signing-up and will be spend in the same way: to get other members to view your website/blog/referral link or signing-up to it. They work as well with ptc sites as with ptr sites or HIYP sites. You can earn more from sign-ups though than from clicks but you also have to set a limit to the number you sign-up as to be able to meet ends.

*Join Traffic Exchange sites
They work on a credit or ratio system. Usually there is a ratio for ex. 1:1 which means that you get 1 visitor for 1 view you make or you exchange credits to advertise your site. This way you get active referrals because they are in the same activity as you. But more important is that you can increase traffic, especially if you have a website/blog providing higher page rank in search machines.

*Promote your website/blog/referral link on Social Network
Create accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. Add your links to your profile or to your signature if it is allowed. You may also post photos of the site and payment proofs (better if they are your own payment proofs). Be careful to keep a personal profile and be distinctive. Do not try to advertise, be active by posting useful and relevant comments wherever you find similar subjects so as not to spam your link.

*Post comments in forums or blogs
This is a clever method to get referrals, but you have to be very careful in order to succeed. Comments must contain valuable and useful information in order to help others. Most important they must be relevant to the subject of the discussion being made and simultaneously connected in a way with ptc sites or make money online in general. This way you get to be a trusted member of the forum and it is more likely to get active and quality referrals. Embed your website/blog/referral link to your signature and make sure to contribute positively to the forum or else your post will be deleted and you will be banned as spam.

*Create Website/Write Blog
This is the most trustworthy way to get referrals. It requires time, will and determination because there are thousands of blogs or websites out there like yours, so there is a straggling to get people to view yours. You must succeed in having an acceptable page rank which depends on various factors such as getting back-links and having a valuable content. You can use WordPress or blogger to create blogs. Even if you never had anything to do with writing blogs, these services provide you with a full step by step tutorial and a reliable acceptance by searching machines. You can make a simple one page blog just by adding your favorite ptc sites or the ones you want to promote with some payment proofs, or you can create one with more sub-pages adding info, tips etc. Creating a website is a little more complicated though. It requires owning a domain name and a hosting account, that you can acquire in website builders sites such as go-daddy or host-gator. If you know html, you can create easily your own website and then upload the files to the hosting account. If you do not know how to use html then you can pay a relatively small amount of money to open a website on some freelance services. It usually takes time (about 6 months) with this method to be profitable in getting referrals, but there are two strong advantages: you get to advertise all of your ptc sites at once and you can use your blog/website in many other ways of promotion. The whole venturing of creating blogs or websites may sounds too complicated, tiresome and difficult but considering the long-term benefits, results and the fact of being creative it sure is worth the effort.

*Create Videos
Create videos and upload them to video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. You need to have window movie maker installed on your computer and some program for making slides with text and photos. This method may sounds a bit difficult as it seems that you have to expose yourself. But you must know that there are different types of video you can make and you can choose the one that suits you. If it is easy for you to stand in front of a camera and share to your audience, it is easy. Be comprehensive about how to make profit from the ptc sites and the reasons someone should join your proposed ones. Try to focus on something unique some are offering or urge them to visit your site for more info. If you are a shy type and do not want to expose yourself you can alternatively create a video using pictures or slides adding speaking or text and maybe some music. Make a small review of the ptc sites/website you want to promote showing some tutorial or pages, focusing on how to get paid, how to buy or rent refarrals or something unique they have and provide payment proofs (better to be your own payments). Either type of video you choose you can end by urging them to click or view your link for more info and make sure to mention that you are available for any questions. Even if you are a beginner in this method just do it. With time you will get better, be more creative and probably will enjoy it.

*Write Articles
This is a very considerable method if you have a website you want to promote because the great benefit you will get is backlinks. Start writing articles about a specific subject connected to your website sharing useful information, tips or methods in order to offer readers something valuable, interesting and helpful. You can join sites like squidoo, ezinearticles, goarticles or articlecity and submit your article. Be careful to read FAQ or the editorial guidelines about qualifications and possible restrictions of each site in order to write an article that will be accepted and published. Do not try to advertise or republish and use proper language. You can either add your link in your profile or in the text of the article depending on the policy of each site. This is a method having benefits as to get referrals, advertise your site for free, using text that before or after can be added to your website making it more reliable and therefore increase traffic, build your page rank and gain good backlinks.

*Advertise on other ptc sites
This is maybe the faster and more effective way of getting referrals because the traffic is targeted and you can receive traffic whenever you choose. You can make a blog with the best ptc sites you want to promote adding payment proofs (better to be your own) and send traffic to it than just to one of your referrals links. You can buy an advertising package or a banner space (usually the cost is a few dollars for some thousands of clicks) in another ptc site. There are sites that you exchange the earnings you make to advertise. The only disadvantage is that you have to invest some money before having profit from referrals, but as mentioned above the results are pretty good because of the targeted traffic this method offers.

*File Sharing
This method is easy because you can share any videos, programs, websites, photos or even mp3, not having necessary any particular connection to your ptc sites, in file sharing services or torrent. You can add your link in your signature or your profile. The trick here is that the more people that see your link, the better.

*Promote new ptc sites
Though there is always a risk when promoting new ptc sites it is easier to get referrals. People that are interested on this kind of make money online will have probably already join the famous and older ptc sites so chances to find referrals for them are limited in comparison to new ones.

*Buy or Rent referrals
Many people join ptc sites without having referred by someone or their referrer is being deleted or suspended. So many ptc sites sell or rent those members as referrals to other members of the site. The cost varies and it is usually a few cents per month for renting or a few dollars for buying. Because there is no guarantee that these referrals will be always active you have to consider the money you invest. A good idea is to upgrade before buying or renting so as to have more profit from referrals earnings. Of course in case of renting you can replace inactive referrals with new ones considering again though the cost of doing so.

*Chat Rooms / Online Games
Participating on online activities such as MSN, chat rooms or even online games with chatting that involve contacting other people, there is always a chance for you to promote your link in conversations you make. It may sounds unlikely to get referrals this way, but in these sites there a lot of people and you never know or can guess what they think or want to do. Just make friends as you usually do, and talk about what you do.

Add your link in your email signature and let people see it. This may also seems unlikely to get referrals but you can never know.

*Inform family and friends or colleagues
Sent emails to all the people you know or post messages on your personal social network page for them to see. Ask them if they are interested, showing them proofs that this way of make money online really works. This method is a bit strange as you have to be honest and not persistent with family, friends or people you generally know when inviting them to join – tell them that it is just a way to earn some extra money with just a very little effort.

The ways to get referrals for your best ptc sites shown above are the most effective and can be easily applied from your home using your computer. But there are also other more traditional ways you can alternatively or simultaneously use to get referrals such as

* Posters
*Paint on walls
*Ads on cars
*Ads on local newspaper/magazine
*Business cards
*Classified ads

Trying to get referrals for ptc is a case of rinse and repeat. Go through a few methods mentioned above and if you are not satisfied with the results or you think that they don’t work in the time and with the results you would like then try some of the other ones suggested.

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