How to get direct referrals with ptc sites

Though PTC sites are probably the easiest ones, in the make money online business, they are not very popular because members using them don’t know how to bring referrals to their sites. Without having referrals, PTC earnings are a few dollars per month and that’s why usually it doesn’t take more than 3-4 days to give up this kind of make money online business. In fact most of your income will come from your referrals and getting them is one of the biggest challenge as it requires a lot of work. But then there is a payback when your down-line starts building up. Moreover, getting referrals requires almost the same effort as trying to find clients in affiliate marketing. But if dedication and willingness is your key to success, here are all the best ways to get referrals for your ptc sites.

*Join Referrals Exchange sites
They are free and easy to use requiring no skills. Just join and start earning credits. With these credits you can either advertise your website/blog/referral link, offer them to other members in exchange to join your ptc site, or spend them to buy referrals. These sites are exclusively based on referral trade, so that means that someone will sing-up as your referral if you sign-up as his too. This method works pretty well because any referral you get will be active as he/she wants you to be active. The only drawback is that you have to set a limit to the number of sites you join in order to be active in all of them, so you must choose carefully.

*Join Downline Builder sites
They work based on a credit system. Credits are earned through clicking or signing-up and will be spend in the same way: to get other members to view your website/blog/referral link or signing-up to it. They work as well with ptc sites as with ptr sites or HIYP sites. You can earn more from sign-ups though than from clicks but you also have to set a limit to the number you sign-up as to be able to meet ends.

*Join Traffic Exchange sites
They work on a credit or ratio system. Usually there is a ratio for ex. 1:1 which means that you get 1 visitor for 1 view you make or you exchange credits to advertise your site. This way you get active referrals because they are in the same activity as you. But more important is that you can increase traffic, especially if you have a website/blog providing higher page rank in search machines.

*Promote your website/blog/referral link on Social Network
Create accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. Add your links to your profile or to your signature if it is allowed. You may also post photos of the site and payment proofs (better if they are your own payment proofs). Be careful to keep a personal profile and be distinctive. Do not try to advertise, be active by posting useful and relevant comments wherever you find similar subjects so as not to spam your link.

*Post comments in forums or blogs
This is a clever method to get referrals, but you have to be very careful in order to succeed. Comments must contain valuable and useful information in order to help others. Most important they must be relevant to the subject of the discussion being made and simultaneously connected in a way with ptc sites or make money online in general. This way you get to be a trusted member of the forum and it is more likely to get active and quality referrals. Embed your website/blog/referral link to your signature and make sure to contribute positively to the forum or else your post will be deleted and you will be banned as spam.

*Create Website/Write Blog
This is the most trustworthy way to get referrals. It requires time, will and determination because there are thousands of blogs or websites out there like yours, so there is a straggling to get people to view yours. You must succeed in having an acceptable page rank which depends on various factors such as getting back-links and having a valuable content. You can use WordPress or blogger to create blogs. Even if you never had anything to do with writing blogs, these services provide you with a full step by step tutorial and a reliable acceptance by searching machines. You can make a simple one page blog just by adding your favorite ptc sites or the ones you want to promote with some payment proofs, or you can create one with more sub-pages adding info, tips etc. Creating a website is a little more complicated though. It requires owning a domain name and a hosting account, that you can acquire in website builders sites such as go-daddy or host-gator. If you know html, you can create easily your own website and then upload the files to the hosting account. If you do not know how to use html then you can pay a relatively small amount of money to open a website on some freelance services. It usually takes time (about 6 months) with this method to be profitable in getting referrals, but there are two strong advantages: you get to advertise all of your ptc sites at once and you can use your blog/website in many other ways of promotion. The whole venturing of creating blogs or websites may sounds too complicated, tiresome and difficult but considering the long-term benefits, results and the fact of being creative it sure is worth the effort.

*Create Videos
Create videos and upload them to video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. You need to have window movie maker installed on your computer and some program for making slides with text and photos. This method may sounds a bit difficult as it seems that you have to expose yourself. But you must know that there are different types of video you can make and you can choose the one that suits you. If it is easy for you to stand in front of a camera and share to your audience, it is easy. Be comprehensive about how to make profit from the ptc sites and the reasons someone should join your proposed ones. Try to focus on something unique some are offering or urge them to visit your site for more info. If you are a shy type and do not want to expose yourself you can alternatively create a video using pictures or slides adding speaking or text and maybe some music. Make a small review of the ptc sites/website you want to promote showing some tutorial or pages, focusing on how to get paid, how to buy or rent refarrals or something unique they have and provide payment proofs (better to be your own payments). Either type of video you choose you can end by urging them to click or view your link for more info and make sure to mention that you are available for any questions. Even if you are a beginner in this method just do it. With time you will get better, be more creative and probably will enjoy it.

*Write Articles
This is a very considerable method if you have a website you want to promote because the great benefit you will get is backlinks. Start writing articles about a specific subject connected to your website sharing useful information, tips or methods in order to offer readers something valuable, interesting and helpful. You can join sites like squidoo, ezinearticles, goarticles or articlecity and submit your article. Be careful to read FAQ or the editorial guidelines about qualifications and possible restrictions of each site in order to write an article that will be accepted and published. Do not try to advertise or republish and use proper language. You can either add your link in your profile or in the text of the article depending on the policy of each site. This is a method having benefits as to get referrals, advertise your site for free, using text that before or after can be added to your website making it more reliable and therefore increase traffic, build your page rank and gain good backlinks.

*Advertise on other ptc sites
This is maybe the faster and more effective way of getting referrals because the traffic is targeted and you can receive traffic whenever you choose. You can make a blog with the best ptc sites you want to promote adding payment proofs (better to be your own) and send traffic to it than just to one of your referrals links. You can buy an advertising package or a banner space (usually the cost is a few dollars for some thousands of clicks) in another ptc site. There are sites that you exchange the earnings you make to advertise. The only disadvantage is that you have to invest some money before having profit from referrals, but as mentioned above the results are pretty good because of the targeted traffic this method offers.

*File Sharing
This method is easy because you can share any videos, programs, websites, photos or even mp3, not having necessary any particular connection to your ptc sites, in file sharing services or torrent. You can add your link in your signature or your profile. The trick here is that the more people that see your link, the better.

*Promote new ptc sites
Though there is always a risk when promoting new ptc sites it is easier to get referrals. People that are interested on this kind of make money online will have probably already join the famous and older ptc sites so chances to find referrals for them are limited in comparison to new ones.

*Buy or Rent referrals
Many people join ptc sites without having referred by someone or their referrer is being deleted or suspended. So many ptc sites sell or rent those members as referrals to other members of the site. The cost varies and it is usually a few cents per month for renting or a few dollars for buying. Because there is no guarantee that these referrals will be always active you have to consider the money you invest. A good idea is to upgrade before buying or renting so as to have more profit from referrals earnings. Of course in case of renting you can replace inactive referrals with new ones considering again though the cost of doing so.

*Chat Rooms / Online Games
Participating on online activities such as MSN, chat rooms or even online games with chatting that involve contacting other people, there is always a chance for you to promote your link in conversations you make. It may sounds unlikely to get referrals this way, but in these sites there a lot of people and you never know or can guess what they think or want to do. Just make friends as you usually do, and talk about what you do.

Add your link in your email signature and let people see it. This may also seems unlikely to get referrals but you can never know.

*Inform family and friends or colleagues
Sent emails to all the people you know or post messages on your personal social network page for them to see. Ask them if they are interested, showing them proofs that this way of make money online really works. This method is a bit strange as you have to be honest and not persistent with family, friends or people you generally know when inviting them to join – tell them that it is just a way to earn some extra money with just a very little effort.

The ways to get referrals for your best ptc sites shown above are the most effective and can be easily applied from your home using your computer. But there are also other more traditional ways you can alternatively or simultaneously use to get referrals such as

* Posters
*Paint on walls
*Ads on cars
*Ads on local newspaper/magazine
*Business cards
*Classified ads

Trying to get referrals for ptc is a case of rinse and repeat. Go through a few methods mentioned above and if you are not satisfied with the results or you think that they don’t work in the time and with the results you would like then try some of the other ones suggested.

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